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Change in population is shown using a stacked ribbon chart. While in 2000 the white population was nearly 75% we estimate that by 2045 it will be just below 50%.

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COVID-19 Back Calculations

Introduction Tracking the COVID-19 infected population is of great interest to the public health community as they look to monitor the spread of the infection. How to best estimate population infection totals, however, is not under consensus in the academic community, especially as testing remains a strained resource, and various research groups have taken different… Read More

A method for detailed small area projections

Introduction The U.S. has experienced several notable demographic changes in recent decades, including rapid aging and diversifying of the general population. These changes can be especially impactful at the local level, such as within a county, city, or even neighborhood, impacting policy and planning decisions regarding where to locate new housing, healthcare resources, childcare facilities,… Read More