Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Submissions to the Population Dynamics Lab require two products, one for the The Denominator and one for The Download

  1. a technical and methodologically detailed contribution written for a demographic research audience to be published on The Denominator blog. The purpose is to share a new technical or methodological development OR a new insight about an established method or methods with a demographically knowledgeable audience. These contributions include equations, reproducible code, tables or figures, and sample or synthetic data.  
  2. a single figure, visualization, or table that illustrates the fundamental insight resulting from the contribution to The Denominator. This illustration is accompanied by a brief description of the findings and practical insight and written for a general audience to be published on The Download blog. 

The Denominator

  • Contributions between 800-1500 words in length.
  • At least one figure and up to, as many as, three figures (.jpg, .png, .pdf) or visualizations (.gif) and at most one table. Be sure to explicitly reference your figures and or tables in the main text.
  • Contributions describe the technical problem or methodological insight and why it is important to address, as well as provide complete descriptions of the method, technique, data, and any evaluative assessments of the technical or methodological approach. Contributions can include equations and are written for a demographically knowledgeable audience.
  • Up to five references can be provided in addition to the word count. If an appropriate link is available, references to that link should also be hyperlinked in the submission forms.
  • Provision of data and reproducible code is required either via direct submission (.R,…) or linking to an online repository.  When data use agreements prevent sharing, authors may create synthetic or toy datasets or simple examples with their submission. 

The Download

  • Contributions no more than 500 words in length.
  • Select one figure, visualization or table from The Denominator contribution to be published in The Download.
  • Contributions provide a succinct and accessible description of the main takeaway from the more technical contribution to The Denominator, and are intended for a broader and more general audience.