Copyright & Licensing

Copyright & Licensing

Information for authors and potential authors:

All of the content on the UW’s Population Dynamics Lab is covered under a Creative Commons License 2.0. You can find the specifics about this license here. This license is not the most restrictive license and was chosen so that authors who submit here can also freely submit to journals. It is important to note that many journals have specific restrictions on any work that has been published or in preprint. Authors should be aware of this and decide what to post on our site, understanding that restriction. The CC-BY License allows viewers of this site to share and adapt your work but requires proper attribution (citation). 

What is proper attribution?

Proper attribution means citing both the authors work and the Population Dynamics Lab site. Citation features are conveniently located under each article and the citation for the Population Dynamics Lab Website can be found under “x” page/”y” document. 

CC-BY Licensing and Journals

Please check your intended journals to be sure they do not forbid posting content here, before posting there. You may need to consider what is legally covered with licensing versus intellectual novelty depending on your intended journal. Note that journals that are typically friendly towards pre-prints or reproducibility, should in theory, be okay with posts documented here. We encourage authors to be creative in advancing reproducibility in light of these challenges.  You may want to ask your intended journal outlet about restrictions around posting parts of the published work on the Population Dynamics Lab, after it is published with them.  The abbreviated format of the Population Dynamics Lab blogs is not likely going to inhibit or restrict posting of material, but it is good to check.  It could be that it merely enhances readership of the longer article.